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5 Tips for Maximizing Co-Parenting Success

By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC When you’re a parent, divorce doesn’t end your relationship with your former spouse. It only changes the form in some specific ways. It is still essential to create a working relationship focused on the optimum care and concern for your children. Every co-parenting relationship will be unique, affected by your post-divorce…

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How to Prepare for Divorce: a Checklist

Who doesn’t love lists? This list is great for those facing divorce. On the left, consider questions you should be asking yourself prior to meeting with an attorney or choosing your path of divorce. On the right, there are questions you should be asking any attorney you meet with to see if they are a…

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Preparing for a Dog Fight in Divorce Cases

by: Tracy Ann Moore-Grant Preparing for a Dog Fight in Divorce Cases- Tracy Ann Moore-Grant Status is online              As a mediator and attorney, some of the most difficult cases to navigate and resolve are those involving who will receive the family pet. Typically, after hearing all of the other…

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Divorce Abuse: How to Avoid it and Keep Kids OUT of the Middle

with Janet Price of JP Coaching and Consulting Janet Price of JP Coaching & Consulting in California joins Amicable Divorce Network and DivorceAmicably to present at the March 2022 Amicable Academy. This presentation focuses on tips for keeping children out of the conflict of divorce, reducing conflict between the parties and moving forward positively. Watch…

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Life After Divorce: Introducing New Adults to the Equation

When parents move on after divorce and begin dating, it can be a very difficult period to maneuver as co-parents and for the kids. When is a good time to tell the other parent you are dating? How do you properly introduce them to your child? Get great advice, tips and from author Teresa Harlow,…

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