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What is Parent Coordination?

Understanding Parent Coordination Parent coordination is a form of dispute resolution that aims to help separated or divorced parents make decisions for their children without the need for court intervention. It is a child-focused process that involves the appointment of a neutral third party, known as a parent coordinator, who acts as a mediator and…

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Divorce Doesn’t Have to Cause Trauma for Children

Divorce Doesn’t have to cause Trauma for children : Learn from an expert panel how to have a child centered divorce. Open to the public and professionals, members and non-members-all are welcome to join us for this informative event.  Learn from our expert panel how to keep the well being of children the focus during this event for…

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Back to School Tips for Blended Families

by Tracy Ann Moore-Grant The hustle and bustle of back to school activities can be quite stressful and the added dynamic of a divorce and blended family should not add more strife to the situation.   To make for an easy transition, divorce parents can utilize some of the following tips to make this time of…

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5 Tips for Maximizing Co-Parenting Success

By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC When you’re a parent, divorce doesn’t end your relationship with your former spouse. It only changes the form in some specific ways. It is still essential to create a working relationship focused on the optimum care and concern for your children. Every co-parenting relationship will be unique, affected by your post-divorce…

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What To Tell Your Spouse Before Talking Divorce With Your Kids!

By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Ever go on a vacation without making plans in advance? The consequences are usually disastrous. If you fail to plan ahead regarding reservations, canceling mail delivery, caring for your pets and knowing your destination, your vacation is likely to be filled with disappointment, frustration and even heartache. What about preparing your…

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