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Divorce for Reasonable People

What is an Amicable Divorce


Fundamentally, Divorce Amicably is divorce for reasonable people.

Why Choose Amicable Divorce

To preserve your privacy, your sanity and your hard earned assets.

What is the Amicable Divorce Process

Divorce Amicably is the modern antidote to the old way of divorcing.

Start Your Amicable Divorce


Get started by each spouse selecting an Amicable Divorce Network attorney.

Divorce Amicably is a modern approach to divorce that empowers you to reach an informed settlement while preserving your privacy, sanity and hard earned assets. Members of the Amicable Divorce Network, including attorneys, mental health clinicians, financial experts and other specialists, guide you through the Amicable Divorce Process - a civilized, transparent, cost effective alternative to adversarial divorce litigation.

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