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What is Parent Coordination?

Understanding Parent Coordination Parent coordination is a form of dispute resolution that aims to help separated or divorced parents make decisions for their children without the need for court intervention. It is a child-focused process that involves the appointment of a neutral third party, known as a parent coordinator, who acts as a mediator and…

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10 Things to NOT do When Getting Divorced

Join Amicable Divorce Network founder, Tracy Moore-Grant, as she discusses the 10 things NOT to do when getting a divorce with Georgia attorney and mediator, Amy Carter. The #1 tip? Don’t send nudes. If you are facing divorce, this is a great topic to review to understand the Dos and Don’ts of Divorce! Amy Carter…

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Tax considerations relating to divorce

By Hirsch Serman, MBA, CPA, CDFA Divorcing and divorced families can add a layer of complexity when filing their tax returns.  Below outlines some of the major items to consider and/or are often overlooked when working with someone going through a divorce or after the divorce is finalized. Picking the right filing status If you…

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Want to Learn More about Amicable Divorce?

Thank you to Amicable Divorce Network member, UK Amicable Ambassador and Divorce TV Show host, Suzy Miller, for having Amicable Divorce Network Founder, Tracy Moore-Grant on her tv show! If you missed it, please tune in to learn about how amicable divorce works, why it is different, and how you can utilize our services or…

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