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Are you financially prepared for an uncontested divorce?

By | December 11, 2022

Are you financially prepared for an uncontested divorce? Join this Amicable Divorce Discussion with Catherine Shanahan and Karen Chellew of My Divorce Solution. Learn financial tips to get you prepared for divorce and on the right track for a resolution! Karen Chellew, Legal Liaison For over 30 years, Karen has worked in the legal field…

Learn more about divorcing amicably! Listen to the We Chat Podcast!

By | December 7, 2022

Learn more about how to make the best choices you can when facing divorce and how to divorce amicably. Join a conversation between Karen and Catherine of My Divorce Solution on the We Chat Divorce Podcast as they explore how to divorce well with Amicable Divorce Network founder, Tracy Moore-Grant. This episode is available on…

What is Discernment Counseling? Counseling designed to determine to divorce or to stay.

By | October 13, 2022

Join a conversation with Amicable Divorce Network members-family law attorney, Tracy Ann Moore-Grant and licensed marriage and family therapist, Kathleen Shack, as they discuss discernment counseling. Discernment counseling is a short, resolution focused counseling to determine the path for your relationship.

Why you should work with a Certified Divorce Lending Professional if you have a marital home

By | October 4, 2022

If you are getting a divorce and own a home, a Certified Divorce Lending Professional is a key member of your divorce team. You will need to evaluate if you CAN refinance before you agree to to it! Also learn about how child support, assets and debts are treated in the mortgage qualification process. Tune…

Back to School Tips for Blended Families

By | August 9, 2022

by Tracy Ann Moore-Grant The hustle and bustle of back to school activities can be quite stressful and the added dynamic of a divorce and blended family should not add more strife to the situation.   To make for an easy transition, divorce parents can utilize some of the following tips to make this time of…

How to Prepare for YOUR Divorce Mediation

By | August 7, 2022

with Tracy Gould Sheinin Join us for an Amicable Divorce Discussion between Amicable Divorce Network founder, Tracy Ann Moore-Grant and Amicable Divorce Network member, Tracy Gould Sheinin, mediator with Clarity Mediation. Learn how to set yourself up for success with your family law case so that when you go to mediation, you are prepared and…

What is a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist and WHY do you in one in your divorce?

By | July 19, 2022

Join our Amicable Divorce Discussion with Amicable Divorce Network founder, Tracy Ann Moore-Grant and Amicable Divorce Network member, Lauren Loper. Learn what a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist-Divorce IS and why you should be using one when it comes to selling the marital home! Selling a home because of divorce can be emotional and complicated. Learn…

Meeting with a Divorce Attorney? don’t forget this checklist!

By | July 15, 2022

When meeting with a divorce attorney, it’s important to first know what YOUR goals are for your case. Then when meeting with your chosen professionals, you can make sure they are a good fit for helping you move towards the future you want. This guide will help you a checklist for you to help organize…

Can You REALLY have an Amicable Divorce? Podcast episode

By | July 12, 2022

Find Out How with the Founder of the Amicable Divorce Network, Tracy Moore-Grant on Divorce & Beyond #245 Jul 11th, 2022 by divorceandbeyond On this week’s episode, Host, Susan Guthrie sits down to chat with Attorney Tracy Moore-Grant, the founder of The Amicable Divorce Network to discuss what an “amicable” divorce really is and what you need to know…


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