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The way parents treat each other in the presence of a child, how they communicate with a child about the other parent, and how they discuss the divorce itself, profoundly impact the mental health of the child for the rest of his or her life. Numerous studies show that children of dysfunctional parents have poorer outcomes in every aspect of their lives, from academic performance to self esteem to their own intimate relationships.

It is critically important that you value your children more than you value your own personal feelings, including emotions like anger and animosity.

Children of divorce are frightened by uncertainty. It is harmful for children to witness hostility between their parents, and even worse, for their parents use them as pawns.

The Amicable Divorce Process provides the support and guidance needed to ensure that children are protected during the divorce process. These resources include mental health professionals and parenting coordinators who are dedicated to helping you navigate divorce in a healthy manner, for you and your children..

You can find mental health professionals to help you in the "Mental Health" category, and parenting coordinators in the "ADR - Parent Coordinator" category of our directory.

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