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Legal Help

Spouses facing divorce want legal advice but often think that hiring a lawyer means costly, soul crushing litigation. The Amicable Divorce Process provides you with individual, confidential legal advice from attorneys who are experts in the area of family law.

All Amicable Divorce Network attorneys are experienced litigators who have chosen to go through the Amicable Divorce vetting process and training, and committed themselves to offering a healthier, out of court approach to divorce.

That means the lawyers will not pour gasoline on the fire, but rather will work from day one to reduce stress and anxiety by employing an amicable approach to divorce. You will have an advocate by your side, and at the same time the lawyers will work to make the situation better, not worse.

Your lawyer will be with you every step of the way, from an initial consultation to the judge signing the final divorce decree and child custody and support orders. You will not step foot in a courtroom except potentially to confirm to the judge that your case is settled and that you understand the terms, but even that is very rare.

You will receive the same quality of legal advice as those unfortunate souls who go through the adversarial litigation process. The difference is that you have chosen a better way to divorce, without sacrificing personal, confidential legal advice.

You can find legal help in the "Attorney" section of our directory.

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