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An “uncontested divorce” is one where the parties are attempting to negotiate and resolve their case themselves. Often called a “kitchen table agreement.” Often parties are unable to negotiate all of the terms themselves for a variety of reasons including lack of knowledge about the law, in ability to calculate child support or spousal support, unequal power dynamic between the parties or emotions that are too great for the parties to discuss these important matters. 

If parties find that they are unable to reach a full agreement between them, then the next step is to reach out to a family law attorney. Just because they can’t reach the agreement themselves, doesn’t mean the case becomes contested or results in an ugly court battle. Many parties are unable to complete all of the complex. The attorney can step in to offer advice, settlement recommendations and help with some of the hurdles standing in the way of resolving all issues. A resolution focused attorney will also offer alternatives to court such as mediation, Amicable Divorce or settling the case with settlement offers which reduce cost and conflict.

Parties often think of divorce as having two opposite ends which are black and white when they code a divorce as uncontested or contested. However, many family law matters fall in the gray area in between. Parties want to reach an agreement but need professional assistance, guidance, or negotiation on how to do it. Parties are increasingly seeing the value in finding low conflict ways to resolve their matters because they understand the more conflict they have the more costs they incur to resolve their case.

Members of the Amicable Divorce Network are the only professionals in the world vetted for being resolution focused, engaging in fair billing practices and having experience in family law. For anyone who needs assistance before, during or after their divorce, using a vetted professional with Amicable Divorce Network can save time, money and anguish.

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