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Amicable Divorce: A Path to More Peaceful Separation

“I want my divorce to be long, stressful, drawn out, and costly!” – said no one, ever

A Path to a More Peaceful Separation

Divorce happens. To some people, it comes as a surprise while to others it has been on the horizon for a long time. Whatever the case may be, there is a growing trend towards approaching divorce harmoniously which includes dissolving a marriage with minimal conflict and hostility. In this blog post, we will explore the path to a more peaceful separation – amicable divorce – and how it differs from traditional divorce proceedings.


There are two ways a traditional divorce can be resolved. An “uncontested” divorce is where parties negotiate directly which leads to a swift resolution. Unfortunately, most divorces are “contested” where one or both spouses dispute some aspect of the divorce, often involving finances or child custody. Both spouses retain lawyers and ensue in a long, drawn-out trial with final decisions being made by a judge. This process is usually complicated, stressful, and costly.


An amicable divorce is a method of dissolving a marriage with minimal conflict and hostility. It involves both parties being willing to work together cooperatively to reach mutually acceptable solutions regarding issues such as asset division, child custody, and spousal support. Unlike contentious divorces, which may result in courtroom battles and adversarial proceedings, amicable divorce prioritizes open communication, compromise, and respect.

For this to happen, both parties must be willing to:

  • Work together with collaborative law professionals
  • Use mediation methods with a trained mediator to facilitate discussions, identify common goals, and address property division, child custody arrangements, and financial matters in a non-confrontational environment
  • Focus on the future instead of dwelling on past grievances or assigning blame, prioritizing the well-being of everyone involved to create a more peaceful transition and co-parenting relationship.


The benefits of an amicable divorce extend far beyond saving time and money.

Couples who have an amicable divorce experience:

  • Empowerment by actively negotiating and making their own decisions about their own needs and their children’s future that a judge may make in a traditional contested divorce
  • Reduction of emotional stress and tension often associated with the back-and-forth of a traditional divorce
  • Preservation of relationships between both spouses which often leads to an easier co-parenting relationship and the ability to interact peacefully in a social or professional setting


To start an amicable divorce, you begin by finding vetted, experienced divorce professionals who are dedicated to helping families navigate through an amicable divorce process. Visit who are members of the Amicable Divorce Network to find professionals in your area. Whether seeking guidance on legal proceedings, financial planning, or child-focused solutions, the network prioritizes client satisfaction and efficient outcomes.


Tracy Moore-Grant, ADN founder and practicing divorce attorney, created the Amicable Divorce Network to bring together vetted divorce professionals globally who have experience, are committed to a resolution-focused practice, and engage in fair billing practices. Engaging with the Amicable Divorce Network provides a structured framework for couples seeking resolution. By leveraging this curated network of professionals, individuals can access tailored support, legal guidance, and financial expertise. The Amicable Divorce Network is the ONLY network of vetted divorce professionals who are experienced, resolution-focused, and engage in fair billing practices, guiding divorcing couples through The Amicable Divorce Process, a streamlined process that achieves equitable outcomes.

ADN is not just a network of divorce lawyers. There is a diversity of passionate professionals involved in the divorce process to make it truly amicable. Our network includes:

  • Arbitrators
  • Visitation Supervisors
  • CPAs
  • Special Needs Experts
  • Mortgage Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Coaches, and many more

Amicable divorce offers couples a constructive and less adversarial alternative to traditional divorce proceedings helping them navigate the challenges of divorce with greater cooperation, respect, and dignity. Amicable Divorce preserves relationships, reduces stress, and helps save costs, not to mention the benefits of amicable divorce that extend far beyond the legal dissolution of marriage, paving the way for a more peaceful and harmonious post-divorce future.

Start today by finding Amicable Divorce Professionals to get started on a peaceful path towards separation.

If you are a divorce professional who would like to learn more about how to be a member of the Amicable Divorce Network, click here.

Learn more about traditional divorce and amicable divorces in this short video by Amicable Divorce Network founder Tracy Moore-Grant.

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