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Types of Divorce

Types of Divorce

By Tracy Ann Moore-Grant

Many people don’t understand that there are many different ways to approach your divorce. Instead of simply calling a divorce attorney, it is best to know on the front end what type of divorce you think is best for you and your family and to find a professional who is aligned with your goals.

Q What is the difference between an Uncontested Divorce, Amicable Divorce and Traditional Divorce?

A An “uncontested divorce” means that there is no negotiation and parties have all
of their issues settled and they simply need assistance from an attorney to draw up the paperwork. With an “amicable divorce” the parties have a desire to resolve all of their issues as reasonably and efficiently as possible, however, they may not yet have all (or any)

of their issues completely resolved. They may enlist professionals to assist them to bring their matter to a peaceful conclusion prior to filing their action in the court system. With a “traditional divorce”, the process begins with someone filing and action against the other in the court system and any potential resolution comes afterwards.

Q If my spouse and I have all of our issues worked out, shouldn’t we just use online forms for our divorce?

A No. Online forms are a huge problem for many reasons. Although people are attracted

to the low cost of the forms, I have found that they are not well written, do not provide for issues which may arise and can be difficult (or impossible) to modify if needed. A divorce is an incredibly important process often involving children, real estate, debts and retirement account. Proper legal advice can be obtained at a very reasonable rate and is well worth the immense problems online forms can cause.

Q What if I start an Amicable Divorce but then things get very contested?

A Clients can always choose to file an action with the court if their circumstances change.

Q Is an Amicable Divorce cheaper?

A It should be. Although it can be used for complex or simple cases, the process is designed to get right to the issues and resolving them efficiently.

Q Can I use the Amicable Divorce Network for a different type of family law case?

A Although “divorce” is in the title, the Amicable Divorce Network can be utilized for any kind of family law case. I would be a good fit for child support modification cases and if
a fourteen-year-old child elects to live with the other parent.


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