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Tracy Moore-Grant, the host and founder of the Amicable Divorce Network, engages in an enlightening conversation with Cherie Morris, J.D., a certified divorce coach and parent coordinator at Dear Divorce Coach on divorce and co-parenting. Tracy, divorce lawyer and partner at Patterson Moore and Butler in Forsyth County, Georgia, brings her expertise in facilitating respectful divorces to the forefront. Meanwhile, Cherie’s own divorce experience served as the catalyst for her transition into a divorce coach and parent coordinator.

Highlights of their discussion include:

  • Delving into the adversarial nature of traditional divorce proceedings
  • Exploring key distinctions between mediation, coaching, and therapy
  • Providing practical strategies for co-parenting and conflict resolution
  • Stressing the importance of staying in one’s own lane and fostering a collaborative environment for the well-being of all involved.

Cherie’s personal insights and professional expertise shed light on these topics, offering valuable guidance for those navigating the complexities of divorce and co-parenting.

“The most important thing is to accept responsibility for our role and make sure that we are willing to shift in ways that serve the family system. Think about how you can get out of your own way to take care of yourself and your kids.”

– Cherie Morris, J.D. Certified Divorce Coach and Parent Coordinator at Dear Divorce Coach

Tracy Moore-Grant and Cherie Morris offer invaluable insights and guidance in this episode, demonstrating that divorce doesn’t have to be synonymous with bitterness and conflict. With the right support and mindset, couples can navigate this transition with grace, prioritizing the well-being of themselves and their children.

To listen to the full episode and embark on your journey towards an amicable divorce, click here.

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The Amicable Divorce Network brings together legal, financial, and other professionals committed to guiding individuals through the divorce process with dignity and minimal conflict. Through collaboration and a non-adversarial approach, the network empowers clients to navigate divorce while prioritizing mutual respect and well-being.

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