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Don’t get us wrong. No one wants a couple to get divorced. Not even a divorce attorney! But the reality is 50% of marriages fail. When they do, if the couple had a prenuptial agreement, it can help make the divorce process much smoother and more amicable.

A prenuptial agreement serves several purposes. One is it identifies what each party had at the time of marriage. Just identifying these values alone saves a lot of future attorney’s fees. A prenuptial agreement also identifies what parties want to do with those assets, and future assets, in the event of a divorce.

One of the leading reasons for divorce is financial issues. What parties may not consider is that having a prenuptial agreement can lead to a very transparent and honest discussion about finances prior to marriage so there are no surprises.

Cary Jacobson is a Maryland Divorce Attorney & Mediator. She is a member of the Amicable Divorce Network and can be reached at

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