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by: Janet Price

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How 80 + mph High Winds are Like High Conflict People!

The parallels between High Windstorms and High Conflict Personality Types

I have lived in enough geographic areas to have experienced gorgeous sunny days, low-key rainy days, freak lightning storms, to dangerous sleet, snow, floods, crazy high winds over 80 miles per hour, and yes, even FIRES! During our most recent high windstorm, this thought came to me…. going through a high windstorm is remarkably similar to navigating a high conflict personality person!  (I am especially interested in your thoughts about this😊)

Here is how I break down a High-Conflict Personality Type:

  • They have an all or nothing type mentality (usually they are all right and everyone else is all wrong😊)
  • They demonstrate extreme behavior patterns (sometimes others may perceive this as flamboyant behavior, ridiculous, outside of the normal actions, take advantage of others, state things so forcefully that you know are not true, etc.)
  • They lack taking accountability for their actions
  • They have a way of making you feel bad or shameful for things that never happened
  • You or others are accused of things that more accurately describe their extreme behaviors!

Know Anyone like This?

Here is what I see happens when you are in a high-wind storm or experiencing being ‘on the wrong side’ of a high-conflict personality!


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If you cannot prevent it and you must get through it,

How do you WEATHER IT?


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AND HERE’s the beautiful magic!

Just like the small trees surviving the high winds, only to develop thicker roots & stronger trunks so they may thrive in other difficult weather patterns (drought being one of them) ………

Those (children & adults) who learn how to identify and navigate high conflict personalities can also become stronger and more adaptable to the environment around them! (A skill needed increasingly more these days in our personal life and our professional life 😊)

Hi, I am Janet Price, a Certified Divorce Specialist, Conscious Co-Parenting Coach, and Life Purpose Coach. I help parents gain the skills & tools needed to keep their kids out of the divorce & after, so their Kids may Love & Be Loved by both parents!

For individuals who have high conflict individuals in their life, I help shine the light on these behaviors, shift their mindset, and teach them & their children the skills to Thrive in their Life!

I am enthusiastic about helping parents give their children the gift to experience what it’s like to “just be a normal kid” growing up in two loving households.

I offer:

  • Educational workshops
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching services to parents

As a child-product of divorce, I was caught in the middle well into my adult years. As a co-parent involved in a high-conflict relationship, I understand all too well what happens to the children when they are ‘caught in the middle.’  After the past 6 years of reflection & healing, I have become conscious of the trauma I experienced as a child being caught in the middle of my parent’s high conflict co-parenting relationship AND how I replayed this story in my own co-parenting relationship! Now I know that had I had the tools and skills needed to de-escalate, my co-parenting relationship with my high-conflict ex and children would have been significantly different.

It is my desire and life’s purpose to help you learn these integral co-parenting skills so that you too can have more favorable outcomes for yourself and your children.

Janet Price

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