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The success of a DIY divorce largely depends on the complexity of the case, the ability of the couple to work together and communicate effectively, and the accuracy of the information and documentation provided. Couples who have simple divorce with no assets or minor children are more likely to successfully use a DIY divorce solution than those who have complex legal issues, significant assets or debts, or highly contentious disputes.

Statistics have shown that nearly 80% of couples who attempt a DIY divorce solution are unable to complete it causing wasted money, delay and sometimes hard feelings and confusion. Reasons for DIY failure include lack of understanding on how to utilize the legal guidelines (like child support, alimony and parenting plans), too much emotion between parties to accomplish direct negotiation, an imbalance of power between the parties and complicated issues or assets that are not suitable for a DIY solution. A successful DIY solution demands that the parties come to a full agreement on all issues and secondly that solution must pass the scrutiny of the respective jurisdiction and be approved. Parties are unlikely to accomplish both steps successfully on their own.

Many are attracted to the low cost and online appeal of a DIY divorce. However, Amicable Divorce Network provides an online technology platform, streamlined process and professionals vetted for engaging in fair billing practices. Couples seeking a smooth divorce process will benefit from having professionals help them through this process. The Amicable Divorce Process is customized for the parties can can be as fast and streamlined as they want or, the alternative, take the time and attention needed for complex issues, business and asset analysis or difficult parenting plan solutions. The Amicable Divorce Process can involve direct negotiation, mediation, parent coordination or arbitration to help the parties accomplish an out of court solution that works for their family. As the Amicable Divorce Network process is entirely out of court, it is also private which allows parties to work on difficult issues outside of the public court system.

It’s always advisable to consult with a licensed attorney to determine whether and amicable divorce is a viable option for your specific situation. Review professionals in our membership directory to find a professional to meet with you.

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