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What To Tell Your Spouse Before Talking Divorce With Your Kids!

By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Ever go on a vacation without making plans in advance? The consequences are usually disastrous. If you fail to plan ahead regarding reservations, canceling mail delivery, caring for your pets and knowing your destination, your vacation is likely to be filled with disappointment, frustration and even heartache. What about preparing your…

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Divorce Abuse: How to Avoid it and Keep Kids OUT of the Middle

with Janet Price of JP Coaching and Consulting Janet Price of JP Coaching & Consulting in California joins Amicable Divorce Network and DivorceAmicably to present at the March 2022 Amicable Academy. This presentation focuses on tips for keeping children out of the conflict of divorce, reducing conflict between the parties and moving forward positively. Watch…

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Single Parent Family Vacation Planning

By Shari Herzberg, Post Divorce Force Family vacations for single parents have unique challenges. As the only parent, you oversee everything from choosing and paying for the vacation destination and travel arrangements, packing, researching and choosing vacation activities to making sure that everyone is happy being together. It can become very stressful and feel more…

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Life After Divorce: Introducing New Adults to the Equation

When parents move on after divorce and begin dating, it can be a very difficult period to maneuver as co-parents and for the kids. When is a good time to tell the other parent you are dating? How do you properly introduce them to your child? Get great advice, tips and from author Teresa Harlow,…

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Types of Divorce

Types of Divorce Types of Divorce By Tracy Ann Moore-Grant Many people don’t understand that there are many different ways to approach your divorce. Instead of simply calling a divorce attorney, it is best to know on the front end what type of divorce you think is best for you and your family and to…

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Love Hurts, Divorce Survival Tips on Handling Valentine’s Day

Love Hurts, Divorce Survival Tips on Handling Valentine’s Day Love Hurts, Divorce Survival Tips on Handling Valentine’s Day  by Stephanie Robins, LCSW and Tracy Ann Moore-Grant, attorney/mediator   It is February, and love is in the air as this is the month known for Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday that many cherish and look…

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